Bowie & Dick Test Packs

Bowie Dick Test Packs 002 2

National and International Standards demand that vacuum-assisted steam sterilizers must be tested at the beginning of each working day. “Bowie & Dick Test Pack” concept allows you to fulfill this requirement with minimum effort and with the highest level of quality. Test Pack designed for vacuum-assisted sterilizers to test the efficiency of the vacuum system, […]

Autoclave Tapes

Autoclave Tapes

A reliable autoclave tape that provides immediate identification of processed items and also serves as a closure tape to seal sterilization packs. The chemical indicator lines will turn dark when exposed to proper sterilization conditions. The autoclave tapes are suitable for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization processes. It is important to note that the presence […]

Plastic Security Seals

Sterilization Container Plastic Security Seals

Containers are sealed with plastic security seals for single use, these can be open only by cracking. The plastic security seals will be introduced prior to sterilization in the cross hole of the lock and closed. Plastic security seals are safeguarding the container against unauthorized opening and it prevents opening by unauthorized staff. The easiest […]

Ultrasonic Washer Test

Ultrasonic Washer Test

Ultrasonic Washer Tests consist of a clear vial filled with reactive green-colored solution and glass beads. The device monitors the cavitation capacity of the ultrasonic washer. When functioning correctly, vibration of glass pearls will trigger a color change to a yellow color. Ultrasonic Washer Tests do not require a special holder to be used. The […]

Ultrasonic Foil Test

Ultrasonic Foil Test 1

Ultrasonic foil tests consist of foil-based material. If the appliance operates correctly, the cavitation energy emitted from sources will dismember the foil inside the frame. The wash test should be used daily and weekly and the results should be recorded. There are areas on the product that can be filled in so that the results […]

PROTECTORS For Surgical Instruments

PROTECTORS for Surgical Instruments

Protectors are used to reduce the risk of damage to the sterilization packaging material during the sterilization process and to fix sharp tools. Some medical devices and surgical tools are a little bit sensitive than the others therefore requires even precision care. The protectors are designed to protect small sharp and fragile surgical instruments during […]

Helix Test PCD and Apparatus

Helix Test PCD and Apparatus 2

Helix PCD Test (process challenge device) is used as a daily test for pre-vacuum hospital sterilizers and for bench top steam sterilizers Class B for steam penetration and inert gases. The Helix PCD test is an excellent test to detect even the smallest amounts of inert gases and steam penetration capabilities. The EN 867 Part […]

TYPE 5 (Class 5) Steam Integrator

TYPE 5 Class 5 Steam Integrator

Type 5 Steam Integrators can be used inside each load to monitor time, temperature and steam exposure conditions and can provide the necessary sterilization assurance. Type 5 integrator mimics the ability of a biological indicator at three separate points during the sterilization process because it will monitor both time and temperature without requiring incubation as […]

Steam Challenge Pack

Steam Challenge Pack

Steam Challenge Pack is designed for steam sterilization procedures. The package contains Type 5 (Class 5)chemical integrator (which gives equivalent results from biological indicators) and high quality barrier papers for to measure penetration. The front side of integrator has a window which contains REJECT and ACCEPT statements. If the acceptance line has been passed, it […]

TYPE 5 (Class 5) Integrator

Type 5 Class 5 Laminated Integrator 1

Type 5 Laminated Integrator is designed to evaluate parameters of the sterilization process on the location and to give instant read-out. It can be used in all steam sterilizers as an internal pack monitor. The Integrator changes color rapidly when the sterilization parameters are reached. An internal chemical indicator should be placed in every sterilization […]